Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday, August 15!

And we're to day 2!

As I mentioned yesterday, today we will be taking a look at your semester essays from the end of last year. You will spend some time re-reading what you wrote so that you can get a closer look at your writing. After you have read your essay and the comments that Mrs. J made on it, I will have you complete a short written reflection about your writing skills. This reflection will help me get a better idea of where you think you stand with your writing, and what you aim to accomplish before you leave class this year.

THEN, we will take some time to prepare for MAP testing next week! Woo hoo! I know you're all super stoked about that. I've got a brief practice test for you to take, and if we get time at the end of class we will go through the answers to see how you did!