Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 6! 174 to go!


Congratulations on making it to day 6!!!

Today, we get to spend a little more time with the lovely Anne Bradstreet (holla!). You will partner up with someone you did NOT work with yesterday, and together, you will discuss your TWIST steps. I want you to focus on the W step. What did the poem mean to you? Talk about any differences in interpretation, and see if your understanding changes at all. 

Also talk about your answers to the questions that were posted on the blog. 

THEN, we will talk about it as a group. I know you're all SUPER EXCITED about that! 

After THAT, you'll take a look at two other Bradstreet poems. Don't worry, they are a little shorter to read. TWIST through each poem (see yesterday's post for the steps, OR write them down somewhere), and then answer this questions for each poem. 

1. What is the topic of the poem? Does the topic reflect "good" Puritan values? Why or why not? Be specific and USE EXAMPLES from the poem!