Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 178!

Happy last day of actual class!
Today we review for our semester test! We will play Macbeth Jeopardy! I will post the game on the blog at the end of the day so that you can study tonight!

Click HERE to access the Jeopardy questions (the links won't work in this one).
Use this Study Guide to help you figure out what to study!

Here is the schedule for the next two days of tests:

Period 1        8:05 – 9:11                    
Period 2        9:15 – 10:21       
MTV            10:25 – 10:40                       
Period 3        10:44 – 11:50     
Lunch           11:50 – 12:20  
Period 4        12:24 – 1:30      

Period 5        8:05 – 9:11        
Period 6        9:15 – 10:21     
MTV            10:25 – 10:40     
Period 7        10:44 – 11:50   
Lunch           11:50 – 12:20   
Period 8        12:24 – 1:30           

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 177!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good Memorial Day Weekend!

Today, we are going to finish Macbeth. If we want to get this done, it's going to require one more day of hard work and participation from you! If we can get the play done today, we will have time to review for your test tomorrow. If not, then we will use tomorrow to finish what we do not today!

As we are reading/ watching/ discussing Act V, we will still use Act IV-V Discussion Questions.

These are the parts we'll take a look at today:
Scene 1: Film & Questions
Scene 3: Read pages 405-407
Scene 4: Read lines 1-7 page 408
Scene 5: Macbeth Speeches on page 409
Scene 8: Film & Questions

State track people: Please check the blog from last week to see what you need to make up. It is YOUR responsibility to cover the material that you missed !

Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 176!

Friday has arrived!

We'll finish up reading IV.i today and then will jump ahead to Act V.

We will use Act IV-V Discussion Questions to guide our discussion and our notes in class. I'm hoping to cover the following scenes in class today (they are pretty short). Whatever we

  • V.i (we'll watch this one-- I forgot my DVD at home today, though, so we'll watch it HERE on Youtube..sorry for the Portuguese subtitles)
  • V.iii
  • V.iv
  • V.v

We will finish the rest on Tuesday!

If you are at state track: You are responsible for reading these scenes and keeping up with the notes. You can read the play HERE.   UPDATE: If you are at state track today (or otherwise absent), check the information below to see where your class ended!

1st period: Finished all of Act IV (you will be responsible for reading IV.i and getting notes/ summaries for IV.ii-iii)

4th period: Finished Act IV & Watched V.i with Discussion Questions (you are responsible for reading IV.i, getting notes for IV.ii-iii, watching V.i  (linked above), and answering the discussion questions)

6th period: Finished all of Act IV (you will be responsible for reading IV.i and getting notes/ summaries for IV.ii-iii)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 175!


We'll start today by discussing what we watched yesterday. We will use these Act III Questions scenes ii-iv to guide our discussion.

As we discuss, be sure you are updating your Macbeth scene notes!

Then we will take a look at Acts IV and V (focusing on scenes IV.i and V.i). We will read Act IV scene i, and watch Act V, scene i. We will use these ACTS IV & V Questions to guide us.

If you are gone for state track, it will be your responsibility to read these scenes, answer the questions, AND update your scene notes. You can use this online version of Macbeth to read it. Macbeth ONLINE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 174!!

Happy Wednesday, and happy last day to our seniors!

We'll spend some time talking about III.i at the beginning of class today, and then we will kick back and watch the movie! While you are watching, please answer these Scene Questions! After you answer the questions, be sure to keep your  scene notes up to pace!

Seniors, you will take your test while the rest of the class is discussing and movie-ing! Before I sign your exit sheets, you will need to make sure you have all missing work submitted! If you choose not to turn that work in, it will be counted as a zero!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 173!

It's Tuesday! Yay!

Today, we'll start making our way through Act III of Macbeth.  With a partner, please read these soliloquies and speeches from Act III Scene i. Click HERE to access them! As you read, annotate these speeches and turn them into "regular" English. Once you have finished with scene i, you may move on to scene ii in the book (it's pretty short, I promise). 

If we get time, we'll start watching scenes III. iv-v! We'll answer these questions as we watch that part!

If you need it, here is a link to an online version of Macbeth. Just click HERE!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 172!

Happy Monday!

Today we will spend a little time reviewing your Living Pictures presentations, and we will discuss these questions.

Then, we will take some time to finish what you did not get to on Friday. Please answer the question below in a 2-3 paragraph journal entry, then submit it on the form below.

SENIORS: On Wednesday, you will take a test over the portion of Macbeth that you have read. Use this Study Guide to help you prepare! 

Journal Question: Look at the five themes from Macbeth that are posted on the board, pick one or two of them to answer the following questions. How have the events and the characters in the play helped to build this theme so far? What is a time in your life that one or more of these themes has been relevant? Please do this in a Google Doc.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 171!

Happy Friday!

I'm sorry you're missing me again today! Please be nice to our sub!

You will have the first 10-15 minutes to finish preparing your "Living Pictures" presentation for the class. Remember narrators, that you are basically filling in the rest of the class about what goes on in your scene- they haven't read it, so be sure to be very specific. Our sub will be taking one still photo of your scene, and then will video tape your presentation using the iPad, so I can see how awesome you did!

After each presentation, please fill in your Macbeth notes sheets to make sure you are up to speed with the scenes. Please do not have your computers open all the way during the presentations. If you have any questions after each scene presentation, be sure to write them down on your notes and ask the presenters if they know the answer.

Once the presentations are done, please answer the following question in a 2-3 paragraph journal entry, then submit it on the form below.

Journal Question: Look at the five themes from Macbeth that are posted on the board. How have the events and the characters in the play helped to build this theme so far? What is a time in your life that one or more of these themes has been relevant? 

Day 170!

Happy Thursday!

Today we will continue to work with our groups on the Act II scenes. Be sure you fill out your Living Pictures Planning Guide and then start practicing your performance. I am hoping we can perform them before the end of class today!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 169!

Happy Wednesday!

You're welcome- you get a break from me today, but lucky for you, you don't get a break from Macbeth! Please start today by watching the video below- it covers discussion questions 7-11 on your worksheets that we've been talking about.

Once you are done with that, you will get some time to begin work on your next assignment. In your assigned groups (see doc below or click HERE), you will read one scene from Act II of the play. As you read (do this together and out loud, please), be sure to take note of the main idea of the scene, key lines, and any references to themes (use your notes sheets for this).

After you are done reading, complete a copy of the Living Pictures Planning Guide (the sub will have one copy for each group, or you can print one using the link). Your task is to design a "living picture"- this is kind of like a freeze frame that represents what happens in your scene. Your group members, except for one narrator*, will be the characters in this living picture (you'll be posed like statues). The member who is not a statue will be in charge of explaining what each person represents to the class.

Along with your statues, you should also create a fitting background (to be displayed on the SMART board) that includes key lines and themes from this scene. I have posted an example of one of last year's below (they do not have a background, so you will need to be creative with that part).

If one of your group members is going to be gone for your performance, be sure to assign them a role outside of the picture (they can design the background, they can design the picture, they can fill out the form, etc.) Everyone else must be in the picture somehow, with the exception of the narrator. *However, if many of your group members will be gone on presentation day, the narrator may need to remain in the picture.*

Example Living Picture: 

Living Picture Groups: 

Day 168!

Happy Tuesday!

We'll finish up our questions to start class today, and then we'll talk about as many of the answers as possible before tomorrow. I will post a video on tomorrow's post that covers each question that we do not discuss today.

Tomorrow, I will be gone (don't get excited) with the NHS members. You will be starting Act II in small groups. Each group will be assigned to read one scene, and then create a "Living Picture" of that scene. Please check the blog tomorrow morning for scene assignments and and "Living Picture" expectations.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 167!

Oh my gosh, look at that number! The end of the school year is JUST ABOUT HERE!

But, before I say, "Congratulations, you've survived English III!" we've got work to do!

First of all, if you have not done so yet, please turn in your comic strips to your class tray.

Also, if you have not turned in your peer editing from our Reflective Essays, you need to get that done ASAP. Please turn it in using the form at the bottom of this post.

I feel like today is a good day for watching a movie. SO, we will do just that. We will watch the end of Act I of Macbeth, and then we will spend some time looking at the text in small groups. I will give you some questions to answer as we watch the film/ check out the books. We will discuss what you found tomorrow!

Turn your peer editing forms in here:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 163!

Happy Tuesday- I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

Since there were so many people absent on Friday, we used that day as a reading/ catch up day. So, we will go with Friday's plan for today!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 162!

Happy Friday!

Today, we will try our darndest to finish scenes 1-3 of Macbeth. Then, oh yeah, THEN we will get our elementary on!

You will create a comic strip that shows what happens in these scenes. Then, you will write a paragraph (using specific examples from the play) explaining why you do or do not think this is a good opening to a play.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 161!

Happy Thursday!

Today we will start with your Shakespeare quiz!!!

Then, we will continue moving forward with Macbeth. As we continue to progress with the play, please keep a running document of notes on each scene. These notes will help you later on with writing assignments and comprehension quizzes. You may use the template that I have included here
------>Macbeth Scene Notes Template