Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 4!

Happy Monday!

4 days down 176 to go!

Today we will start working with Commonly Confused Words! Yay!!

We will take some time to practice that, and then we will go over the information that you found on Friday about the Puritans. As we go through the questions, I will have you take notes so that you have correct information.

We will also start talking about our first author, Anne Bradstreet! I know you are all so excited!

Commonly Confused Words Practice: 

as, like


as (conj)- in or to the same degree; in the same manner
      ex. Jesse won the big race just as he had done the year before.

like (prep)- similar to, in the manner of (introduces a prepositional phrase)
       ex. You know, you look just like your mother.

hint- use "like" when no verb follows, use "as" when a verb follows

1. Don't do what I do; do (as, like) I say.
2. The crowd applauded and screamed loudly (as, like) hometown fans usually do.
3. The audience swooned in unison (as, like) a chorus at Ali's portrayal of the dying swan.
4. (As, Like) I said, not many people appreciate your crude remarks.

fewer, less


fewer (adj)- a smaller number (refers to things that can be counted)
     ex. There are fewer people smoking cigarettes today than there were ten years ago.

less (adj)- smaller in size amount or degree; not so large, great, or much (refers to things that cannot be counted)

1. Write four complete sentences. Two sentences should contain "fewer", and the other two should contain "less".

set, sit


set (vb)- to put something from one place to another; to fix the value of at a certain amount or rate; to pass below the horizon; to assume a rigid state

    ex. Phyllis set the dish on the table and left the room.

sit (vb)- to be seated; to be located or situated; to remain quiet or inactive
     ex. Please sit at the table.

1. Vera (set, sit) the lamp on the table nearest the French doors.
2. Belinda and Lily (set, sat) patiently, waiting for the secretary to call their names.
3. Once you (set, sit) down, we can begin the class.
4. Carl (set, sit) his alarm clock before he went to sleep.
5. (Set, Sit) the plant nearer to the window so it will get some natural light.