Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 12 !

If you haven't been tuning into class the last few days, we've been MAP testing...and fighting with technology while we've been trying to test.

Today, we will start by finally finishing up our activity with "Half Hanged Mary", unless you're a member of the 1st hour class, that is! If you are in 1st hour, you will start with your commonly confused words for the week! Yay! If you're in the other classes, we'll begin with the poem.

After we've finished that, we'll begin to talk about the next part of our Puritan unit, The Crucible. This movie was originally written as a play by Arthur Miller. He intended the play to be an allegory for McCarthyism that took place in the United States during the early 1950s. The Crucible does a great job of highlighting the intolerance that took place during the Salem Witch Trials, and later again during McCarthyism.

Before we start the film, we'll take a look at a few film clips about McCarthyism and Arthur Miller's motivation to write the play.

"We will not walk in fear..."
Murrow vs. McCarthy
Millery Day-Lewis Conversation

As we watch the film clips, answer the questions provided for you.

Tomorrow, we will begin watching the film!

Happy Thursday!