Thursday, August 22, 2013

On the 7th day...

Happy Thursday, y'all! Yee haw.

We are almost through the week! Yippee!

Today we will talk about the other two Anne Bradstreet poems that you were to read for class. We will go through and check for understanding, and talk about how you answered the question for each.

When we are done, we are going to take a break from reading. (This is where you say, "Yay!") We'll take some time to do some WRITING! (Express your joy here, as well).

You will have the rest of class to work on a RAFTS (Role, Audience, Format, Topic, Strong Verb) writing exercise. Use the prompt below, and be sure to meet all the requirements!

From the perspective of your Puritan self, draft a journal entry that details your reaction after having read some of your friend's (Anne Bradstreet) poetry. How do you feel about the things she talks about? Is she a good example of a woman? Do you ever experience the same emotions? Be creative, and use facts from the poems! Also, be sure to include three of our commonly confused words!
Audience= yourself since it is a journal entry

This will be due at the beginning of class tomorrow.