Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 45!

Happy Monday!

Today, as usual, we will start with our Commonly Confused Words for the week. Just as we have been doing, you will find the information for each word before completing the exercises. Remember, you will need the following for each word:

1. word
2. part of speech
3. definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS
4. example sentence

After we have finished that, we will take some time to reflect on the first quarter. You will fill out a self-evaluation and goal setting sheet for conferences. I will also keep these sheets for your future reference.

Then, we will share some of the poems you wrote for today that were to be inspired by Whitman's "I Sit and Look Out".

If we get time after that, we will move to our next topic in the Transcendentalism unit--the South-African Anti-Apartheid Movement.

Commonly Confused Words:

complement vs compliment

Circle the proper word to make the sentence correct:

1. He offered a thoughtful (complement, compliment) to the essay finalists.
2. Akira realized his sentence wasn't correct with out a  (complement, compliment) to complete the last phrase.
3. To vote a rule change, the board of directors needed a full  (complement, compliment) of members.
4. A good tip after a meal in a restaurant is a  (complement, compliment) to the server.
5. (Complementary, Complimentary) angles make up an entire unit in Geometry.

dew, do, due

Write a short paragraph (6 sentences) using dew, do, and due. Highlight or underline each vocabulary word.

hear, here

Highlight or underline the proper word.

1. How can I help but (hear, here) when you're yelling?
2. I am listening very carefully, but I do not (hear, here) good reasons for overturning the verdict.
3. I want you to stand over (hear, here) by the monument while I take your picture.
4. (Hear, Here) clearly that I am not telling you to give up learning to write well.
5. Please list (hear, here) the things that you want to improve through hard work and effort.
6. With earplugs in, Bernie could not (hear, here) his neighbor's loud music.