Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 33!

Happy Tuesday of homecoming week! I bet you love my outfit today even more than you loved yesterday's!

A hint for today's costume

Today we will start with our Commonly Confused Words for the week (Yeah buddy!). Then we will do a couple of brief activities to prepare us for our next reading, which will be "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau. Today we will talk about what the phrase "Civil Disobedience" means and then have a short discussion about it.

Commonly Confused Words: 

1. accept, except

accept (vb)-  to receive willingly
example: John accepted the trophy on behalf of the entire team.

except (prep.)- but; excluding
example: Everyone except Beth went out for pizza after the dance.
1. Grace was humble as she (accepted, excepted) the award for most valuable player.
2. My parents will not (accept, except) any excuses for breaking curfew.
3. All of the boys (accept, except) George were on time for the meeting. Come ON George.
4. Malcolm will (accept, except) your package from UPS when it arrives
5. All of my children have blue eyes (accept, except) my oldest son, Greg.

can also be a verb! As a verbexcept means "to leave out; to exclude"
example: His medical condition excepted him from playing badminton. 

Write a sentence using except as a verb. 

2. affect, effect

affect (vb)- to influence
example: Your criticism affects people in a negative way. 

effect (n)- the result of some action
example: Iowans have felt the effect of Mother Nature this winter.

1. I don't think you realize how your comments (affect, effect) your friends.
2. The (affects, effects) of the storm were disastrous along the Louisiana coast.
3. The medicine did have an (affect, effect) on my headache.
4. Write four sentences; use each word in two sentences. 

3. buy, by, bye

buy (vb)- to acquire in exchange for money; to purchase
example: Every year, my cousin buys a new car. 

by (prep)- next to; with the use of or through; not later than
Example: Paul walked by the cafeteria and entered the gymnasium. 
                 By working hard, Josie earned enough money to go skiing in Aspen.
                I expect that each of your essays are written only by you. 
bye (n or salutation)- in sports, the position of one who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round. As salutation; short for  "goodbye"

Example: The Cardinals have a bye in the first round of the state tournament, so they have an extra day of practice. 

Choose the correct words: 

Alvin and Lindsay stood (buy, by, bye) the scorers table and realize early on that they should draw a (buy, by, bye) for the first round of the tournament. Alvin decided he would (buy, by, bye) four tickets to the banquet that evening so they could take their spouses. They left the golf course and went in different directions to get home, Alvin (buy, by, bye) the freeway and Lindsay (buy, by, bye) Main Avenue. 

Civil disobedience: 

In a brief paragraph (or two), respond to the following prompt. You will need to do some outside research!

Would you ever consider breaking a law that you found to be unjust? Why or why not? What does "civil disobedience" mean? Research an example of a time that this tactic has been used by someone other than Henry David Thoreau. Was their use of civil disobedience successful? Why or why not?