Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 41!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Today we will start with our Commonly Confused Words for the week- I know you are upset that you didn't get them yesterday, but I just wanted to be here with you to enjoy them! 

*If I were you, I would be prepared for a quiz over our words on Thursday!!! 

After we have finished with our words for the day, we will spend some time sharing your poems and visual representations with the class. It's going to be so awesomely fun; I just can't wait! 

If we have extra time, you will spend it free reading. 

Okay, here are the words for the week. Don't forget that you need the word, part of speech, definition, and an example of how it can be used correctly!

1. passed vs past

1. Carl had many secrets hiding in his shady (passed, past). 
2. Chang-Rae  (passed, past) his driver's test on his first try. 
3. Jim  (passed, past) "Go" four times while playing Monopoly, and not once did he go to jail. 
4. Players from the  (passed, past) were on the field to honor Ted Williams. 
5. In the  (passed, past), I have tried to overlook your rude comments, but I no longer can. 

2. raise vs rise

1. Write four sentences. Use raise  in two and rise in two
2. Please (raise, rise) for the flag salute.
3. To avoid everyone talking at once, please (raise, rise) your hand to be called upon.
4. Sigmund and Hilda (raise, rise) llamas on their farm for a living.

3. whose vs who's

1. Janice is the sophomore (whose, who's) representing the class at the board meeting. 
2. Noah is the soccer player (whose, who's) jersey number is 62.
3. We need to know (whose, who's) fault the accident was so we can initiate legal action. 
4. Tell me, (whose, who's) the one who put that graffiti on the back wall of the school?
5. We don't know (whose, who's) going to be the center on the basketball team.