Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 44!

Happy Friday, AND congratulations on surviving the first quarter of school!

Today we will finish what we did not get to yesterday.

First we will finish discussing Whitman's poem "I Sit and Look Out". We will compare it to "I Hear America Singing" and discuss how Whitman's attitude changed from the first poem to this one.

THEN comes the extra fun! You will adopt Whitman's ideas from this poem to create your own poem about what you see happening in the world around you! Check out this document for the information!

If we get time at the end of class, we will share some of the poems. If not, we will share a few on Monday.

If you missed class yesterday, please set up a time with me to make up your quiz!
Also, your third Reading Workshop question was due YESTERDAY. If it's not on the blog, it is now late!