Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 30!

Happy Thursday! Congratulations on making it this far!

Today we get to read our first work from Ralph Waldo Emerson! (Say "Yippee!" now, please!)

First we will start out by talking a little bit about Mr. Emerson, and then we will jump right in to reading! You will be reading an excerpt from "Self-Reliance" with a partner. As you read, please annotate the passage! Beside each paragraph (or under or next to), write the main message of that section. 

Other things you should be doing while you read (write these things down; that's annotating)
- Ask questions
- React to what you are reading (I'm not looking for "This is stupid")
- Give an opinion (still no "This is stupid, please)
- Locate important passages or quotes that you like. There are tons of them here!
- Make Connections
- Define new words
- Track any themes you see developing

You may need to read each section more than once; this is not an easy read. Take your time, focus on each sentence individually.

Once you have finished reading AND annotating (this will be graded)- answer the questions in the packet. #12 should be done individually .

IF you finish early, you may spend the remainder of class reading.