Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 27!

Happy Monday and happy day 27...almost to 30! Which is almost to 180....almost.

Well, it's MONDAY. So, we'll get started with our Commonly Confused Words for the week! Woo hoo!

After we finish that, we will continue our group discussion about the "Rebelution" and then begin talking about Transcendentalism!

Here they are:

1. your, you're- this is a big one!

your (adj)- the possessive form of "you"; it belongs to you

Example: Please place all of your books on the floor before we begin the test.

you're- contraction of "you are"

Example: There is no question that you're going to do well in the debate.

(Your, You're) not always sure of (your, you're) own abilities, especially when every time you do something using (your, you're) own talent, (your, you're) immediately criticized for using (your, you're) creativity. As you get older and more experienced, however, (your, you're) confidence will be renewed and (your, you're) going to believe in (your, you're) approach to (your, you're) own original artwork. Trust me, (your, you're) going to be a successful artist in whatever medium you choose.

2. cite, sight, site

cite (vb)- to quote a passage, a book, an author, or another source, especially as an authority; to summon officially to appear in court; to commend

Example: You must cite several sources as you write your research paper.

sight (vb or n)- vb-to observe within one's field of vision; to take aim at; n- the power of seeing; a view; a field of vision

Example: Springfield sighted the tall ships.

site (n)- the exact location or position of something, the position or location of a town building, and so forth, especially in relation to its environment.

Example: The dump site reeked of rotting garbage.

Exercise: Write six sentences, use each word in two sentences.

3. lay, lie

lay (vb)- to put; to place something

Example: The baby laid his head down and immediately went to sleep.

Lay, laid, and laid (past participles)

lie (vb)- to recline or remain in a reclining postition

Example: Linda has lain down for an afternoon nap every day of her  life.

Lie, lay, lain

hint: "lay" takes a object (the head in the first example) and "lie" does not

Exercise: Write four sentences. Use each word twice.