Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 125!

It's FRIDAY!!! Thank goodness we made it!

We'll split the day between vocabulary and reading (if you're in 1st or 6th). You will spend the first part of the period studying the vocabulary. You will have about 10 minutes to study on your own, and then I will have you create a 5 question practice quiz for your partner.

You will have the remainder of class to read your books!

4th hour: You will have the period to continue work on your Experiencing the Civil War journal. These will be due at the end of class today.

Once you are finished, please submit your journals using the form below.
When you are done, please study your vocabulary.  Use the Quizlet for help. Remember, if you have not already requested access to the class, it will give you an error message! If this happens, click on the link that says "Gulley English III". That will lead you to a page where you can request access, set up a Quizlet account, etc. I have decided to move our quiz to Tuesday!!!